Stringer Road

Stringer Road, Nelson, is a new build designed by Architects, Design Base.

The functional, contemporary family home features an open plan design and vaulted ceilings.

Built to the client’s strict time frame of 6 months, to ensure delivery in time for Christmas, the home was delivered to its stoked owners on 23 December, 2022.

Built for good.

The exterior of the home is a mix of cladding with low maintenance coloured steel and striking thermally modified nordic pine. Special attention has been given to forming the eaves and cladding to wrap the gables with continuous negative detailing. The contrasting effect of using different materials gives the home its unique appeal and helps it to sit beautifully in the stunning landscape that surrounds it.

Inside, the cosy snug with bookshelves, a wood fire and the recessed TV create a sanctuary for evenings, while the open dining and covered decks are perfect for entertaining guests and enjoying the breathtaking views of the Tasman.

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